Groove Thursdays

Another Ryan Cross production and this one combined with the warm vibes and a particular menu, this by far is one of the sexiest night scenes you haven’t heard of. The Thursday night jazz is very intimate and perfect when you want to getaway with your favorite person but don’t want the crowd. The combination of the smooth music, perfectly seasoned¬† food and warm lighting gives the evening great balance. Gentlemen, if you bring a date here and don’t get another date, it’s you.

If you want to hear the music but not want to be in the immediate vicinity, you can sit just a little distance away to have an intimate conversation and still have your mood music. From personal experience I can tell you the bartenders’ are usually pretty generous with the cocktails if you know what I mean.As far as dinner goes, can you say “CRAB HUSHPUPPIES” OR “RABBIT JUMBALAYA”? Yes, feel free to say each of those to yourself three times each and let it soak in a little bit.

Do yourself a favor and check out their Sunday brunch menu as well. The chicken and waffle dish is incredible, nothing like what you’re used to around town, they have a seasoning all their own and even their house syrup has it’s own distinct flavor. There’s simply no comparison versus other places serving the same dish.

Valet parking available but there’s also a paid parking lot in walking distance just behind the restaurant.

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