Bay Entertainment wants you to experience the best of urban entertainment LA has to offer. LA is a big city and there’s no way you can be aware of all that’s available for your particular taste in entertainment. To address that we developed this website in hopes to pre-screen and inform you of all the happenings that fit your criteria.

For over 20 years Bay Entertainment has been known for our dedication to producing and engaging only the classiest of events designed to attract that upscale urban audience and entertainment we all seek. Initially opening for business in the summer of 1991 in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area we began producing several modest events in the community. Would you believe it all started as a series of softball games in the local neighborhood?

After relocating to Los Angeles, founder of Bay Entertainment  Dondrae Landers studied the Los Angeles entertainment culture by collaborating with several different local promoters over several years and eventually moving on to establish his own identity and his own brand of entertainment production. The new brand went on to represent the highest of quality entertainment and hospitality.

Today Bay Entertainment is credited with the longest stint in Los Angeles of a predominantly urban event of it’s kind that was also held at a black owned establishment by someone who’s not from the LA area stretching over a span of nearly five years. They are also credited with being the only production team to draw hundreds of people each event and doing so without ever hiring security. We believe if you need security you’re not drawing the right audience.

To date, Bay Entertainment has produced and co-produced over 150 events in Los Angeles half of which independently and collectively generated over an estimated $2 million for its host venues.

Our new directive is to continue to provide you with the most upscale entertainment and entertainment services in the Los Angeles area. Help us help you by subscribing to our newsletter here.

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The dedicated Bay Entertainment team

D’ondrae Landers
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